Helpful Storage Products for Clothing and Fabrics

Even though you are already paying for a storage unit in Honolulu you may want to go that extra mile to ensure that your clothes are easily accessible and protected. It would be unfortunate if some of your most cherished outfits are ruined because you failed to spend a couple extra dollars on products that could have prevented damage from Honolulu’s humidity, dust, and bugs.

You can find the majority of the products mentioned in this article by visiting sites like The Container Store, Stacks and Stacks, or swinging by the local Honolulu Target Store.

If your unit is climate controlled or relatively protected from the elements you may want to run a clothes line in your unit and just hang your clothes with the added protection of a garment bag. This way you don’t have to worry about the clothes gathering too many wrinkles or having the garment lose its shape.

Garment Bag for StorageGarment bags can be everything from gown protectors, suit bags or just shoulder covers. If it’s too difficult to run a clothing line in your unit you may want purchase a garment rack. However those are pretty expensive (around $200) but you could shave about $100 off that cost if you build one yourself.

Cedar Hang-up for StorageYou may also want to place a cedar hanger hook among your garments to stave off any insects, mildew or odors.

If you are OK with having your clothes folded and stored then you can go the route of using something like a 42 gallon molded polypropylene Stor-It-All trunk or you can choose a more classically designed storage trunk. Either one will run you about $50. Also be sure to place a cedar block among your clothes for added protection.

Storage Trunk





A cheaper route could be to purchase vacuum sealed bags which helps to keep out pests, odor and

Vacuum Storage Garment Bagmoisture. Having the garments vacuum sealed should take up less space than a trunk. For about $10 you can purchase a hanging vacuum sealed garment bag with the one drawback being that for longer type coats or dresses they probably will not come out wrinkle-free. Be sure to contact us if you have any other questions regarding storage units in Honolulu.


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