Insect Prevention in a Hawaiian Storage Unit

Bugs and Storage in HawaiiIf there’s any drawback to living in Hawaii or Honolulu is the fact that unless you are a really well-off and can afford a 3,000 square foot home you’ll be putting your stuff in storage. Our climate is not as much of a concern when it comes to cold temperatures so you could get away with storing your stuff in a garage-type of facility, however, those type of units are better purposed for hardware or vehicles. The idea being that if there are any insects that invade the unit you just have to hose down your equipment, where as, if you’re storing clothes there could be a big ick-factor when you put on your jacket only to discover one of our famously large centipedes taking up residence in your sleeve.

No unit is completely immune to the occasional six, four or more-legged interloper since, just like your house, it’s impossible to seal all the doors and cracks that lead into the interior. Unlike your home, however, your storage unit lends itself to the out of sight, out of mind mentality. Left unchecked an infestation could grow.

Insects and Storage in HonoluluBugs love the Hawaiian weather here and so do we. Hawaii is home to 40 different species of ants, 19 kinds of roaches, 3 types of centipedes, and two types of rats. Non-dangerous scorpions live Honolulu along with two forms of black widow spiders but bites from them are extremely rare.

Spraying insecticide around entry points may work, but keep in mind these units are still enclosed and if you’re storing clothes they could absorb whatever chemicals and odors you are laying down. Ideally it’s best to  use natural bait products or mechanical traps in your unit if possible. Most of the time you can deter any pest by adhering to some best practices. Bugs typically need moisture, air and food. Similarly, rodents/rats need food, water and protection from predators. That’s why well-enclosed, climate controlled units are preferred if you’re storing possessions that would be attractive to a pest. Short of that, some other helpful deterrents for rats are cedar blocks in corners, mint also works, or fragrances like air-fresheners from cars. For insects boric acid power (non-toxic to humans) spread around entry points will help deter cockroaches. More details on how to apply borax here.The utilization of catnip supposedly repels ants and a good alternative to utilizing foul-smelling moth balls is lavender. Another way to repel moths and protect your clothes from bugs is to place cedar scented blocks or sachets and store them with you clothes. These are effective for up to 4 months. If you have any other storage questions be sure to contact us as we’d love to become the preeminent resource for self-storage in Honolulu. If you’re having a pest control problem and need to escape to a hotel while your place gets tented then we recommend you check out the Hawaii Accommodation category section on Directory World.


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