Taking a Jet-Ski Out Of Storage

Jet Ski Storage HonoluluSeeing as Oahu is an island, space is limited and obviously in order to take advantage of all that Honolulu has to offer you probably own a recreational vehicle like a jet-ski or boat. If the jet-ski is coming out of long-term storage (somewhere in the ballpark of 2 plus years) you will have to address the upper and lower engine along with the fuel system as corrosion may have set in due to our island being surrounded by salt water and having the vehicle inherently utilize exhaust products that are acidic. If the jet-ski was stored on a shorter term basis with fuel in the tank and without a fuel-stabilizer then it’s recommended that you add a cleaner/stabilizer to your fuel. If the jet-ski does not start it’s recommended that you take it into a trained technician where they can asses the issue and drain/dispose of the old fuel. Every year you should change the oil and filter and drain and replace the pump oil along with adding grease to all fittings to keep bearings and seals properly lubricated.

As mentioned earlier if the jet-ski has been stored on a longer term basis the fuel system or carburetor will have to be disassembled in order to properly clean it. If you want to save money you can disassemble the carburetor yourself but it’s recommended that you take photos of what you are doing along the way or video record your progress so aren’t left scratching your head when the time comes to reassemble. To give you a taste of what’s entailed visit this video on carburetor cleaning. Or you can take  your jet-ski to one of Honolulu’s professional facilities before putting your vehicle into storage.

For the upper engine remove the spark plugs and spray fogging oil like Mercury Marine Storage Seal that you should be able to find at a boat store. After application wait about a day and rotate the engine by hand for 3 or 4 revolutions. Doing this should remove corrosion and enable the piston rings slide within the cylinder wall.

For the lower engine an easy but not as exhaustive route to prep the engine is again to spray fogging oil into the crankcase and rotate the engine by hand. This will not, however, provide anyway to address possible bearing damage.

If you have questions when the time comes to take your jet-ski out of storage feel free to contact us!


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