Prepping Your Boat for a Storage Unit

Boat Storage HonoluluSince Storage Castle provides boat storage in Honolulu for our customers we thought it would be a good idea to impart some of our wisdom regarding boat storage best practices.

Proper Weight Distribution:
At times some of our customers need to store their boat long-term and it’s a good idea to take note of maintenance or repair issues you may have during your last trip. This way you can avoid possibly forgetting about anything that requires attention or headaches that may occur when you finally get back out on the water again. Cracks to a boat hull do not do well in long-term storage so those should be fixed before locking up your boat storage unit. In fact your boat more likely to get damaged during the process of moving the boat from the ocean into the unit. So care must be taken with jack stands, blocks, the travel-lift and/or the trailer. The weight of the boat should be properly distributed across the length of the hull. Incorrect weight distribution can lead to uninsurable wear and tear. A best practice is to first consult your owners manual regarding storage and the next is to have the boat stored on a steel cradle that was build specifically for your boat model.

The hull should also be scrubbed clean to remove any ocean grime and build up. Emptying and cleaning the bilge with Liquid Tide should also be done at the same time. This will help to remove any odor, bacteria or rust corrosion. Limber holes should also be cleaned of any residue to enable water to flow freely through it. Also be sure to inspect the pipes, hoses and clamps for any corrosion or damage. Be sure to clean the interior removing any mildew from lockers or the refrigerator leaving all door open for air circulation.

The Engine, Battery and Tires:
For the engine check all connections with hoses and wires. It would also be a good time to change the engine’s oil and replace the filters. Be sure to top off the engine with fuel to prevent condensation and add fuel stabilizer to prevent gas degradation. Removing the battery and storing connected to a charger in your garage is ideal. The trailer’s tires should be positioned on top of wood blocks preventing them from touching surfaces that may contain oils or chemicals that could affect the tires.

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