Storing Vinyl Records in Honolulu’s Climate

Honolulu Vinyl Record StorageThere’s a slight misconception that Honolulu’s humidity is a big factor when people consider archiving or storing possessions that have paper in it such as books, documents, or a vinyl record’s jacket. Surprisingly, when referencing the table below Honolulu’s average humidity is less than most US cities.

Honolulu Humidity Comparison



With that said, care should still be taken to ensure mold growth on album jackets and inner sleeves from moisture does not occur to your record collection. Ideally records should be placed in a climate controlled unit, free from temperature extremes, humidity, dirt, and pests. Albums should be stored between 65-70 degrees Fahrenheit with the humidity level between 45-50%.

The other issue with placing vinyl records in long-term storage are space considerations. A lot of the time renters want to keep costs low so they force their collections into cramped areas which typically leads to improper stacking. Albums stacked horizontally flat will place a lot of pressure on records closer to the bottom which can lead to warping of the vinyl or damage to the record sleeves.  You’ll notice anytime you go into a record store all vinyl records are stored vertically on-end to reduce pressure. A best practice is to make sure the record is completely vertical and not at an angle.

Honolulu Record Storage CrateFor storage and easy transport record collectors should also consider utilizing record crates which are slightly taller than standard dairy crates. The taller profile enables record crate stacking, ideal for maximizing limited space in a storage unit. Your records should also be protected with plastic album sleeves that will help defend album covers from wear and tear, and moisture. Once you get your collection out of storage you may want to do a quick clean of the vinyl with a carbon fiber record brush or a spin-clean record washer.

Employing these best practices for storing your favorite vinyl records in Honolulu should ensure a quality listening experience for years to come on the island of Oahu. Feel free to contact our helpful staff if you have any other questions regarding best practices or storage units in Honolulu.

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